Welcome to Steinbach Neighbours for Community

Steinbach Neighbours for Community is a group of individuals who share a desire to promote understanding and acceptance of the diversity present in our society. We acknowledge that there are numerous sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions, locally and globally. The common goal of SNFC is to facilitate the conversation while providing insight and education around this often divisive subject. We hope for healthy dialogue as we seek better understanding and full acceptance of LGBTTQI* members in our community and beyond.

As readers may be aware, there has been much in the media of late surrounding Steinbach as it wrestles with inclusion of the LGBTTQI* community. In the fall of 2014, a number of area people drove to Winnipeg to attend a play centered on this subject called “Listening for Grace”. The content of this presentation gave rise to the formation of Steinbach Neighbours for Community, a group that had long observed the need for a support organization for Steinbach’s LGBTTQI* citizens, their families and allies. Other proceedings spurred further call for discussion …. feedback surrounding Manitoba’s Bill 18, the departure of Steinbach and area LGBTTQI* residents who felt unwelcome, parents feeling isolated, and the presence of a GSA alliance at the public high school, among others.

This website is an ongoing project of SNFC. We aim to provide our readership with information pertaining to events and resources as we strive to relate to those in our community who identify as other than heterosexual. In time, we hope to create more spaces for LGBTTQI* people and their families to speak about their experiences, to share their insights and to tell their stories.